About Me

Hi! My name is Lysa Shimkus. I live in the Mid-West of the United States with my husband, who is my guinea pig in the kitchen (He eats anything and everything I cook/bake). I am also a teacher-turned-librarian. When not working, I enjoy watching documentaries, cooking and baking, sewing, reading and writing.

I also like to browse the thrift store with my husband, where he digs around for Hot Wheels and time pieces, and I peruse the kitchen and book aisles. My love for cooking food–especially for my husband–and watching documentaries are what motivated me to start EatHistoryNow (EHN).

EHN is my personal food blog. I post recipes past and present, along with my everyday cooking, called Cabinet Cookery.

I hope you enjoy my recipes! Thanks for stopping by!


Lysa with husband, Alex