About EHN

Hello, my lovelies^-^

Welcome to EatHistoryNow (EHN)! This is my personal food blog, where I share my personal recipes, along with other recipes past and present. My hope is to supply you with recipes and the skills you need to feel confident in your own kitchen.


In today’s busy world, making and enjoying a home-cooked meal can feel daunting and intimidating. The purpose of EHN is to eliminate the stress and hassle, and help you create [historical] dishes that have brought friends and family to the table for generations.


A big part of EHN is access to recipes, either electronically or physically. For those of you who do not have time for this, there is Cabinet Cookery. Cabinet Cookery is simple:

  1. Dig into the spice cabinets and fridge, and pull out what you have
  2. Throw everything into the pot, pan, or oven
  3. Serve and eat


Again, my blog and I are here to help you build the confidence you need to make a home-cooked meal. If you are a non-cook, like I once was, please know that practice makes perfect; Becoming a better version of yourself does not happen overnight.

Good luck! Enjoy my recipes! And thank you for stopping by EHN.